Real Estate, Title Insurance & Closings

Real Estate

Buying a residential or commercial property can be an exciting, but often trying, time. Having a trusted legal representative by your side is the surest way to avoid the pitfalls of the deal. I can help guide you every step of the way. I will be available to advise you of your rights and obligations, and I will ensure that you understand every document, including the:

  • Purchase and Sale Contract
  • Deed
  • Mortgage
  • Closing Statement
  • Survey
  • Title Insurance Commitment and Final Policy

My involvement begins with the preparation and/or review of your purchase and sale contract and doesn’t end until you’ve closed on your new home or property. I will attend the closing to review the final documents and be available in case a dispute arises. My goal is to ensure that the transaction closes in conformity with the contract and that the buyer receives marketable title to the property.


I will review the survey to determine if there are any encroachments and that there is proper access to the property.

Title Insurance

I am authorized to issue title insurance policies as an agent for the Attorneys’ Title Insurance Fund. With so many things on your mind – financials, mountains of paperwork, and tight deadlines, you need to protect yourself against fraud and forgery of the title to the home or property that you have set your hopes on.

First, I will order a title search and prepare a title insurance commitment for the purpose of disclosing any clerical errors, undisclosed heirs, mistakes in records, unknown liens, or fraud involving the deed, etc. In most cases, these problems can be fixed before the transaction closes.

After the closing, I will issue title insurance policies to the owner and lender that will not only satisfy any valid claim against title but will also pay for the legal expenses and costs of defending a title claim.

Loan Documents

I review all loan documents and ensure that your loan conforms to your loan commitment.


Legal requirements for residential and real estate closings are evolving all the time. I have extensive experience in the legalities involved, and I can act as the closing agent to make sure that the transaction goes smoothly.

My goal is what is best for you, and I will work for you to that end. Please call me at 386.846.1489 to discuss any of your real estate needs.