Residential and Commercial Landlord/Tenant

Real estate law can be extremely intricate, and the relationship between landlord and tenant is no exception, whether residential or commercial. Leases are long and loaded with addendums. Whether you are trying to write one or trying to understand one, you can trust me to help you be well informed when it comes to issues with your rental property.

Both parties have rights and obligations that, when understood, make for a good relationship. I can help with the following issues, and more:

  • Preparation of lease agreements
  • Landlord’s obligations
  • Tenant rights
  • Lease enforcement
  • Early lease termination
  • Tenant evictions
  • Landlord/Tenant liabilities and responsibilities

Whether you are landlord or tenant, entering into or disputing a lease, good preparation and representation will serve you well. My experience in these areas can give you peace of mind as I tailor my services to fit your needs. Please call me today at 386.846.1489 to learn how I can help you navigate this sometimes perplexing process.